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TedWood is a design studio and workshop, hidden in an ancient oak woodland.

Ted Jefferis Founded TedWood, based in his fourth generation workshop. Ted and his team hand craft a distinct brand of elegant, sustainable, contemporary wooden furniture and lighting. 

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The designs are a manifestation of Ted’s passion for British wood, each piece celebrates the beauty of timber and the woodland in which it grew. This love of wood combined with an education in architecture results in furniture that is simple in form but intelligent in design. Details are at the centre of designs and often highlight the unrivalled quality of natural materials all of which are selected and crafted by hand. 

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With roots firmly in the woods TedWood has grown into a brand that stands for heirloom quality and sustainability. This is marked by international press coverage and numerous awards including a Design Guild Mark and British Design Award. ​

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Ted is fastidious in his selection of wood, and using sustainably grown British wood is a simple yet elegant solution to locking away carbon for generations to come. It is Ted's fond hope that, through his work. He will emphasise and encourage sustainability, permanence and narrative, creating a counterbalance to the throwaway culture of modern society.

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