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British saddle leather is hot moulded into a specific form and once dried becomes rigid. This is accented with a pair of oak washers and a solid brass lamp holder that is available in verdigris or bright brass.


Thanks to the moulding process and the grain of the leather, every shade is completely unique. Each lamp is fitted with a silk braided cable.


Available in Small, Medium and Large. Price increase with larger sizes.

Small: Diameter x 24cm Hx 11.5cm

Medium Diameter x 30cm Hx12.5cm

Large Diameter x 52cm Hx 16.5cm

MouldEd Pendant

  • Diameter x 24cm Hx 11.5cm (Small) Dx30cm Hx12.5cm (Medium) Dx x52cm Hx 16.5cm (Large) cable length 2 metres.

    Hot moulded saddle leather shade, English oak shade rings, solid brass lamp holder, silk braided cable.
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